Exotic Hard Wood Chopping Block. (NON Reversible)


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Handcrafted in the USA from sustainable Exotic Woods. This End-grain cutting board is the perfect size and weight for easy cleaning, and doubles as a countertop butcher’s block. Flip it over and you’ve got a chic serving board. Did we mention it’s end-grain and heals itself? Let’s face it, your old cutting boards are chopped liver.


  • 100% Maple and Walnut for a durable, end-grain hard wood that is ideal for cutting and serving.
  • Each piece is unique and hand-finished to its final shape.
  • Finished with food safe mineral oils and Bello Cutting Boards special wax blends.

Measures: 11 by 12

Thickness 2 in.


Woods used: Granadillo

Grain Type: End-Grain

weighs: 6lbs

Non- Reversible, rubber feet added to one side


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