Chefs choice Butcher Block Cutting Board (Maple)


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1# chefs choice.

Made by using the finest solid Maple and Walnut wood, these Butcher Block Cutting Boards are practically indestructible.


An exceptionally hard cutting board provides a stable work surface and also helps protect finely honed blades. Sturdy construction – with the edge grain creating the work surface – gives this board a commercial-quality toughness to withstand years of use.

  • Crafted in the USA from sustainably harvested North American hard rock maple.
  • Edge-grain construction holds up to years of slicing and chopping.
  • This NSF-certified board meets the high-level safety standards for professional kitchens.


Grain Type: Edge Grain

weighs: 8lbs

Measures: 16 by 13 by 20

Thickness 2 in.

woods used: Hard Rock Maple and Walnut


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