Maple and Walnut edge grain cutting board


This hardwood cutting board is handmade, with zero dyes or stains. It is made from a variety of hardwoods, including maple and walnut

Approximate Measurements: 15 by 14 and 2 in thick

This is an “Edge-Grain” board, meaning the edge grain is facing upward. Narrower strips of wood are typically used in this style, and the board generally has less “wood movement” than a “face grain” board.

This board is suited well as a cutting board, as well as charcuterie, food display, and much more. It has a food safe finish that will ensure lasting protection; however, occasional maintenance with cutting board or butcher block conditioners (oils, wax, etc.) are recommended. Directions for care and washing will be included.

***The last picture is the board in natural lighting with zero filters.***


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